Ms. Jonine Nash

Ms. Jonine Nash

B.App Sci (Human Bio), Masters Ost. (NZ), MGOsC, MHKOA, Registered Osteopath (NZ)

Availabilities Mon, Tues, Weds 11am-6pm

Jonine trained in Auckland, New Zealand and holds a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Biology) and a Masters of Osteopathy, where she earnt a clinical grade of Distinction.

Since graduating in 2004, Jonine has worked in both private osteopathic and multidisciplinary clinics in Auckland (NZ) and London (UK), before relocating to Hong Kong in 2008.

Jonine maintains her professional membership in the UK, and continuing professional development in accordance with the General Osteopathic Council of which she is still a member, despite now working in Hong Kong.

Jonine believes a holistic approach is essential for accurate diagnosis and treatment, not only to improve range of motion or for pain resolution but also to allow the body to fully benefit from its own recuperative power. She enjoys treating a diverse range of patients and complaints.

Jonine has a special interest in treating pregnancy related complaints and pediatric osteopathy which originally brought her to Central Healing. She also lectures at Mother and Baby groups and is published in Pre-Mo, a monthly Japanese pregnancy magazine, as well as in the Chinese 'EugeneGroup' Pregnancy Magazine.

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