Mrs. Nathalie James

“Just because you have learnt to live with the pain, doesn’t mean it has to be there forever.”

Mrs. Nathalie James
BSc, D.O. N.D. (U.K.), Registered Osteopath GOsC

Availabilities Mon 8am-1pm

Nathalie James is passionate about helping people who are in pain and believes strongly that every patient she works with needs to be treated as an individual because not everyone fits one template. She is dedicated to spending enough time with you so that you are properly listened to. When you are treated by Nathalie you can expect the following two great results: less pain and help in preventing it from returning.

Why I became an Osteopath? Whilst at University I was very frustrated by my doctor prescribing me painkillers as a solution to my back pain. It perplexed me that he did not even attempt to look at the cause of my pain. I researched the options available to me and I discovered osteopathy.

Why come to see me? My aim is to determine the cause of the injury rather than just treating the injury itself. You can have confidence that you will receive a very ‘hands on’ treatment through massage, joint mobilisation, visceral treatment and stretching. No machines are used and you have my full attention for the duration of the treatment. You will also be given exercises and nutritional advice to help the body heal itself. Cranial Osteopathy is appropriate for some patients and may be used at the end of a treatment.

With experience working in various different fields, Nathalie is a versatile practitioner who frequently treats babies through to the elderly, although she does have a particular passion for digestive complaints and everyday aches and pains.

Patients often remark that they have never had treatment like osteopathy before and say that it is the perfect mix of physiotherapy, chiropractics and massage!

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